Sunday, 8 December 2013

A Storage Idea for your old Candle Jars

Hey Lovelies, 

Today I wanted to share with you a little idea of how you can reuse your old candle jars. I love burning scented candles, particularly at the time of year and I think it is a waste to throw away (or recycle) the glass jars when the candle has finished, so I decided to clean some out and use them to store things in, like makeup brushes and lip glosses or anything that fits really :) 

To get the left over wax out, I put boiling water in the sink and sat the candle jars in it. The wax soon becomes soft around the edges and then you can just lift it out with a knife or something similar. To get any little bits of left over wax off I washed them with hot water and washing up liquid with washing up sponge and used a knife to get off any really stubborn last bits of wax. 

I kept the leftover wax and may melt it all together when I have more and use it to make a candle. You can get wicks from eBay really cheap :)

I am hoping I finish burning some more candles soon so I can reuse some more. 

Let me know if you found this useful.

Thanks for reading :)

Nyss x


  1. This is a great idea! I have the candle on the right and the lovely pattern on it make it so re-usable!
    love victoriajanex

    1. There are so many candles with really lovely patterned jars, too nice to not reuse them! Nyss xx

  2. This is an amazing idea. I actually just bought a candle and I'm after some storage facilities to house my new make up brushes. Not sure if it would due to the candle holder being smaller then my make up brushes, but I guess time will tell before I take the plunge and buy some.

    Kate | A British Sparkle x

    1. I'm pleased you found it useful :) x

  3. That's a great idea! I needed something to storage my brushes and I know what I'm going to do now! haha

  4. this is an awesome idea and your makeup set up is super cute!
    She Has The Eye

  5. Wow never thought of this! Great idea!

    From @sammycx in the #fblchat

  6. I've recently bought some candles and have been burning them constantly to hopefully try and do something like this myself. Great idea :)

    Krystal xo.

  7. Ah really good post Hun great idea thank you xx