Sunday, 1 December 2013

Wall Stickers

Hello Lovelies, 

I had quite a large blank space on the wall behind my TV between the top of the TV and the ceiling and decided I wanted a wall sticker to break it up a bit. There are so many wall stickers available online and lots that you can have customised. After looking at lots of different ones I found this gorgeous one of a cat sitting on a branch with some birds, which I bought from here.  

You can get this particular sticker in different colours and I chose black because my Lounge is mainly black, cream and teal. When it arrived I wasn't sure how easy it would be to apply to the wall, but it was really easy although because it was quite big I did need someone's help to actually put it on the wall. 

It came with a sheet covering the front and the back of the sticker. Firstly you had to put the sticker on a flat surface and rub the back of the sticker with a credit card to ensure it was stuck to the front sheet. Then gently peel off the backing sheet, which leaves the sticky side exposed and the sticker still stuck to the front sheet. Then you just position it on the wall, smooth over the front sheet with a credit card to ensure the sticker is stuck to the wall and then gently peel off the front sheet. Then once the sticker is stuck to the wall you can rub out any bubbles with a soft cloth. 

I was really pleased how this turned out and would definitely buy something like this again. I quite like the wall stickers that are quotes, like 'Always Kiss Me Goodnight' and 'Live every moment, Laugh every day, Love beyond words.', so might get one of these for somewhere else in the House.

I hope you found this helpful if you are looking for something for your wall and want something a bit different to a canvas or picture. 

Thanks for reading :)

Nyss x 


  1. I love silhouettes so much! I used to base my art and photography around it a lot.
    love victoriajanex

    1. I think they look really effective :) x

  2. This is so nice - such a good idea for large empty spaces x

  3. What a cute and unique idea! Looks super cute xxx