Monday, 4 November 2013

Christmas Beauty Box Swap

Hello Lovelies, 

If you would like to be part of this Christmas Beauty Box Swap make sure you read this :) 

I have been thinking it would be really nice to be part of a Christmas Beauty Box Swap but haven't seen anyone organising one so I thought I would organise one.

I have taken part in a Beauty Box Swap before and I really enjoyed it. I loved reading the blog of the person I was paired with to see what they liked and then choosing the products to send them and I was really excited to see what was chosen for me. I posted about my previous Beauty Box Swap here. It is also a great way to get to know other bloggers better. 

For those of you that don't know what a Beauty Box Swap is I have put the basic steps involved below :)

  • You decide you want to to be part of it and let the person organising it know.
  • The person organising it will pair you with another blogger and it is then up to you to email/message that person to get to know them a bit and to get to know what they like.
  • You then get to choose some lovely things to send to the blogger you have been paid with up to the price limit agreed. 
  • Once you have everything you want to send, you package it up (you don't have to send it in a box, I just think its a nice touch, I used a Glossybox when I took part in one before).
  • The you post it to the blogger you have been paired with. 
  • The person organising the Beauty Box Swap will usually tell you a date when you should aim to have sent your box by and the price limit, although if you want to agree to change this with the blogger you are paired with of course you can :) 
I thought with Christmas coming up it would be really lovely to be involved in a Christmas Beauty Box Swap and we could wrap our boxes in Christmas paper to make them really christmassy :)

I know Christmas is expensive for everyone so I thought we could set a limit of £15 for the contents of the box (not including postage) and aim to post our boxes by 13th December so everyone gets theirs before Christmas. You can wait to open it until Christmas if you want but if you are like me I know you will want to open it as soon as it arrives so that's up to you :) When you blog about the Beauty Box Swap and what you receive in your boxes send me your links and I will do a post with everyone's links on, so we can all see what everyone got. 

If you would like to be part of this Christmas Beauty Box Swap, please comment below with your email address, blog address and confirming you are in the UK by 13th November. Also let me know whether you are happy with the £15 price limit. 

I will then put the names of everyone who wants to take part in a bag (or something similar) and randomly pair you with someone else and let you know who you are paired with and then its down to you :) 

If you are under 18 make sure you check with your parent/guardian because you will need to swap addresses with another blogger. 

Due to postage costs of posting from the UK to another country this Beauty Box Swap will be for those in the UK only. 

This is the first Beauty Box Swap I have organised so if I have forgotten to mention anything that you think I need to include, let me know. 

If you know anyone that you think would like to take part let them knew or share this link with you blog/twitter followers :)

Nyss x


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  2. Sounds fun to me, I'd love to be involved xx

  3. definately want to get involved in this!

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  6. Lovely idea! Email is blog is and yes I'll be in the UK then! Also £15 is a great amount! X

  7. Such a numpty, forgot to leave anything you actually asked for! I'll try again...
    Yes please, I'm interested in taking part. You can contact me on and I'm at . I'm based in the UK and happy with the £15 pressie cost limit.

    That's Better and of much more use to you I'm Sure, HeHe! When will we find out our pairings?

    Row Bow

  8. Fantastic idea, perfect spending limit. My email is
    Blog is

  9. Sounds good to me! / @loralovesx / :) looking forward to hearing from you regarding this :)) xxxx

  10. I'd love to be involved - the perfect spending limit also :)

    Sarah xx

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  13. Yes please. I would love to be a part of this box swap. I started up a blog on here only yesterday so something like this would be a great way to get it off the ground. I also have youtube which I would love to do a box opening and review on if possible. My address are as listed....

    Email -
    Youtube -
    Blog -

    I live in the UK and I think the £15 is a great limit.

    Many Thanks
    Sophie x

  14. Count me in too :) Yay this is such a great idea xx

  15. count me in!
    UK blogger

  16. Count me in :) love this idea.

  17. Count me in :) love this idea.

  18. I didn't put any contact info when I first commented oops!
    My email is

    So excited! Really pleased you've organised this, thank you!xx

  19. I'd love to :) such a lovely idea!

  20. Can't wait to see who I get paired with; I'm in!
    And yes £15 is fine!

  21. I haven't even put my email or anything what an idiot I am lol!
    £15 is great
    And I'm in the UK