Sunday, 11 August 2013

My First Birchbox - July 2013

Hello Lovelies, 

I have been subscribed to Glossybox for a while now, but hadn't tried a Birchbox before. At the end of July there was an offer on Facebook, where you could buy a six month Birchbox subscription for the price of a three month subscription which meant it was only £38.85 for six months and so I couldn't resist trying them. The first Birchbox I received was the July one, which had a 'Jet Set' theme and I was really excited to see what was inside.

As well as the products I also got a Birchbox Magazine, which has little bite size articles, about a variety of things from what to read and watch this month to jet set tips, to make up tips, recipes and information about the products that which were included in the July Birchboxes. I really liked this and the short articles means it nice to pick up and just have a flick through. Also included was a card telling me about the products in my Birchbox, a little card welcoming me to Birchbox and a card saying that for next month's box Birchbox have teamed with Instyle.

I had expected the actual box to be a bit bigger but I think that is because I was probably comparing it to Glossyboxes. What I really liked about this compared to Glossyboxes was that inside the box the products were in a cute little drawstring bag.

Inside my Birchbox was.....

Blanc Cachemire Protective Day Cream - 15ml
I had not heard of this Brand before and this Day Cream is described as a 'lightweight moisturising cream' that absorbs quickly into your skin. I normally use moisturising creams for oily/combination skin and it doesn't say anywhere what skin type this is for, but I'm looking forward to trying it and hope it is as lovely as the Birchbox Magazine says it is. 

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Leave in Conditioner - (I can't see anywhere what size this is)
Again I had not heard of this product, but a leave in conditioner that is also a heat protector is always handy. The bottle says this is a 'thermal protector' and 'uv protector' that seals cuticles, smoothes hair, locks in colour, adds shine and is weightless and non-greasy, which sounds good to me. If it does all these things I will love using it and as a bonus it smells lovely :)

theBalm cosmetics InStain Long Wearing Powder Staining Blush in Swiss Dot - 0.5g
When I first saw this I was a bit disappointed by the size, I think the full size products Glossybox sometimes contains has spoilt me. However the packaging is so cute and I guess with it being so small it will be perfect to take out and about with you, and the colour is gorgeous so I'm looking forward to using this. 

Laura Geller Beauty Inkwell Gel Eyeliner in Purple - 2.5g
I haven't tried a gel eyeliner before, but I have wanted too for a while and so I was pleased to see this. I don't normally wear purple eye makeup but I think getting products in Birchboxes and Glossyboxes is a perfect chance to try things you wouldn't normally, so I will definitely try this and think it will be a lovely colour in autumn and winter. It comes with a brush in the end, which I really liked. This is the only full size product in this month's box and it is always nice to get a full size product. 

Weleda Skin Food - 10ml
This is a deeply nourishing moisturiser for dry and rough skin. I haven't tried this before but the size is a perfect size to keep in my handbag, and a product like this always comes in handy, so I am sure I will use it. 

The Chia Co Chia Shots - White - 8g
I hadn't heard of this before and didn't know what it was until I read about it. It is superfood that is 'packed with health-boosting omega 3, protein and more' and 'Chia is the richest plant based source of Omega 3, fibre and protein'. There is a recipe on the card attached to this sample and also some recipes in the Birchbox Magazine, and it says it can just be added to cereal, porridge, yogurt or smoothies, so I will definitely use this to try it, but not sure how yet.

Overall I am pleased with what I got in my July Birchbox, although I would like to see some bigger products in the next box I get. 

What did you get in your Birchbox this month? Leave me your link as a comment if you have posted about yours.

Thanks for reading :)

Nyss x


  1. Love the instain package, I agree it's tiny but it looks cute!

    1. Me too, the little drawstring bags are so cute!

      Nyss x