Sunday, 26 January 2014

Christmas Beauty Box Swap - My Box from Hannah

Hello Lovelies,

Back in November I organised a Christmas Beauty Box Swap and everyone who wanted to take part was randomly paired with someone and I was paired with Hannah from The Makeup Times. We had planned to send the boxes before Christmas so everyone would have them by Christmas, but unfortunately Hannah didn't send mine until the middle of January. I am not sure of the reason it was sent late, but Hannah did say she had added a couple of extras to make up for the delay, which was nice of her.

My box was wrapped up and inside all my the things inside were wrapped individually, which I think was a really lovely touch and I did the same with the things I sent to Hannah. 

I hadn't tried anything from Elf until the end of last year and so far I have been impressed with the things I have tried, so I was pleased that Hannah had chosen me some things from Elf. She chose a Duo Powder Eyeshadow in Mocha Swirl, a Lip Stain in Berry Blush, an Eyeliner & Shadow Stick in Smoke/Black, a Blush in Innocence and a Nail Polish in Mango Madness. These are just the sort of colours I would choose for myself and I'm excited to try them. 

Also included in my Box was a gorgeous Ted Baker 'I Wanna Be Loved By You' set which includes a beautiful makeup bag, a hand cream, a body spray, a lip balm and a candle, which all smell really lovely and I'm looking forward to using them.

She also chose for me some No. 7 Blissful Body Wash and a bath bomb, which both smell lovely and I am looking forward to using these and as a little extra Hannah also included a Chocolate Orange and who doesn't love a Chocolate Orange! :)

I really enjoyed organising this Beauty Box Swap and taking part in it. I will probably organise another one for Christmas this year, so if it’s something you would be interested in, follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin or GFC and watch out for a post around November.

Did you take part in a Christmas Beauty Box Swap? If you did leave me the link to your post about it, because I love seeing what other people received and sent.

Thanks for reading :)

Nyss x


  1. Oo definitely want to get involved this year!
    What a great idea:)
    Love the look of the Elf products.

    Please check out my beauty blog xx

    1. I love doing beauty box swaps :)
      Make sure you take part this year :)

  2. Ooh all of those gifts were so nicely wrapped!think this is such a fun idea!i might be up for it at the end of the year!:)xxx

    1. They were wrapped lovely, it was like getting a late Christmas present :) xx