Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Lava Shell Massage at Imagine Spa, Blofield Heath

Hello Lovelies,

One of my favourite things to do is visit a spa or have a beauty treatment and last week I was lucky enough to have one of the best massages I have had in a  long time.

It was my Birthday on Thursday and after a lovely day and lunch with my Mum, Sister and Niece, in the evening I went with a friend to the Imagine Spa in Blofield Heath near Norwich for a Lava Shell Massage. I have been to this Spa before for a spa day and love the setting and feel of it. The decor is very modern and luxurious which creates a warm and welcoming feel and I think it is the perfect place for a relaxing day or evening or just to visit for a treatment.

We decided to try a lava shell massage because it was one of their January offers and had 50% off. I'd had a hot stone massage before but hadn't had a lava stone massage and wasn't sure what to expect before we went.

Imagine Spa describe this massage by saying ‘Imagine your favourite aromatherapy oil massaged gently into your body using
unique Tiger Clam Shells with their revolutionary internal heating system. An hour of continuous massage will give you the ULTIMATE calming and soothing

When we arrived we waited for a few minutes in their cosy waiting room until it was time for our massages. As we walked to the treatment rooms their attention to detail made the experience feel really special with petals and candles on the floor on one side of the corridor that lead to the treatment room. They have single and double treatment rooms available and we decided on a double one. I wish I had taken a photo of the room because it was set out beautifully, but in my excitement I didn't think to!

This was a full body massage and the therapist started with the back of my legs, followed by my back, then the front of my legs, my arms and lastly my shoulders and neck. She started by massaging the oil into me with her hands and then used the shells which were really warm and very smooth. It was so relaxing and gentler than some massages can be, which I really liked and the oil she used smelt amazing. The only thing that could have made me enjoy the massage more than I did was if the therapist had started with my arms and front of my legs and finished with the back of my legs and my back instead of the other way round, because I think it is so relaxing to finish a back massage.  

I forgot to ask while I was there how the shells stay so warm, so when I got home I googled it and found that inside the shells is a sachet that heats up when a heat activator is added to it and it stays hot for an hour.

We enjoyed this so much that we are hoping to go back again before the 50% off offer ends.

If you want any more information about Imagine Spa in Blofield Heath you can find it here and if you want a relaxing and soothing massage I recommend you try a lava shell one.

Have you ever had one of these massages?

Thanks for reading :)

Nyss x


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    1. It was amazing, if you get a chance to you should try one!
      Nyss xx

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  3. Wow this sounds amazing hun... I defo need to go there for a pamper day hehe.

    Hayley xoxo