Thursday, 17 October 2013

My October 'Dark Romance' Glossybox

Hello Lovelies,

I have been so busy with different things recently I have been neglecting my Blog again :( Anyway today I wanted to share with you what I received in my October Glossybox.

The Theme for this month’s Glossybox is ‘Dark Romance’ and I had seen references to this on Facebook and Twitter before my Glossybox arrived. To me this theme made me think of dark reds and berry colours and I was hoping that I would get a nail polish or lip product in these sorts of colours and was really looking forward to seeing what was inside.

The box this month was one of the usual pink ones and I think with the theme of ‘Dark Romance' it would have been nice if the box was a dark berry colour.

Here is what I got this month…..

MeMeMe Cherub’s Blush – Cheek & Lip Tint – 12ml
This is the only full size product I got this month and I wasn't that excited to see it. Mainly because I have a couple of products like this already that I don’t use much and so I don’t think I will use this much, because I don’t really like using this sort of product on my cheeks, although it does look a nice colour in the bottle so maybe I will give it a try and use it on my lips. 

Katy Perry Killer Queen Eau De Parfum - 1.5ml
I was a bit divided on this when I saw it, because I do actually really like the smell of this, but I don’t think little samples like this that you can get free from perfume counters should be included in Glossyboxes. However I will use this and because it is so small it is a good size to keep in your bag. 

Monu Illuminating Primer - 20ml
I have received something from this brand before in a previous Glossybox but I can’t remember much about it so I can’t have been that impressed. However this Primer claims ‘to brighten the complexion, add instant sheen and enhance your natural radiance’, which really appeals to me, so I will try this and hopefully it will live up to it’s claims.

Premae Harmony Moisturising Smoothie Serum - 20ml
This was the item I was most pleased to see, because I am a big fan of Premae’s Harmony Moisturising Creme Balm which I blogged about here. This serum is for combination skin which is perfect for my skin type and it ‘helps soothe redness and hydrate skin, whilst keeping it matte and shine free’ and I am really looking forward to using this. I think this sample is quite a good size too, because the full size product is  50ml.

Eva Cosmetics Mystic Diamond Argon Oil - 6ml
This is an argon hair oil that contains real diamond powder and I like using hair oils, so I will use this. I did receive this in a recent Birchbox (which I blogged about here) so I wasn't so excited to see this inside my Glossybox this month, but if I hadn't recently received a sample of this I think I would have been happier to see it inside my Glossybox. I haven't tried my other sample yet, so hopefully I'll really like it as I now have two.

Overall I wasn't that excited with this month’s Glossybox and it is definitely not one of my favourite ones I was also a bit disappointed with the theme, because I am not sure how much the products I got fit the ‘Dark Romance’ theme?

What did you get in your Glossybox this month? Leave me your link as a comment if you have posted about yours.

Thanks for reading :)

Nyss x


  1. My box was really similar to yours! I was totally dissapointed this month i agree it doesn't fit the theme at all! xx

    An Uninventive Name

    1. It's such a shame, because I've really liked the last few Glossyboxes I have received. xx